Spartan RV Chassis Owners Training Academy

NIRVC is proud to host the Spartan RV Chassis Owners Training Academy! These multi-day events offer comprehensive training for chassis maintenance and upkeep, overall RV inspection and service, and more. 

Participants receive hands-on help with their RV, learning the nuances of chassis sub-systems such as electrical, air suspension and more. On top of the invaluable knowledge, these sessions offer a great opportunity to connect with fellow RVers!

Spartan RV Chassis are the basis of many Class A Entegra, Newmar and Jayco RVs. Your motorhome does NOT have to be purchased from NIRVC to take advantage of this fantastic program.

Topics include:

  • An overview of chassis maintenance and upkeep
  • Instruction on weighing your RV and adjusting tire pressures accordingly
  • How to access and purchase Spartan RV Chassis aftermarket parts and accessories
  • How to operate chassis air systems
  • Information on customer support and warranty information
  • Familiarity with chassis suspensions, chassis electrical systems
  • Chassis troubleshooting
  • Weighing of your coach and tire pressures set

    Upcoming Spartan RV Chassis Owners Training Academy Sessions at NIRVC:

    Tiffin Announces Bob Tiffin Limited Edition Allegro Bus

    NIRVC’s Angie Morell met up with Leigh Tiffin, the President of Tiffin Motorhomes and Bob Tiffin’s grandson, to talk about the Bob Tiffin Limited Edition Bus, 45 BTP. It’s Tiffin’s way of honoring Bob Tiffin and the company he built. In recognition of his 82nd birthday, Tiffin will build only 82 of these specially designed coaches, with 001 making its debut at the Tampa RV Show. This super special Class A motorhome incorporates design elements that reflect Bob Tiffin’s life – his favorite destinations, his love and collection of classic cars and the quality he expects from every coach with his name on it.

    The popular PowerGlide® Raised Rail Rear Engine Diesel Chassis was chosen to provide the foundation for this 45’ limited edition. From the front it looks massive, and there are no patterns or markings there other than the TIFFIN lettering above the windshield. The frontal view is magnificent and demands respect. Waterfall was chosen as the exterior color for 001, with a brilliant blue, black and gray pattern flowing along the sides, but it can also be ordered in Cinderwood or Nasa. The pattern moves and lines rise and fall to mimic water and mountains around the coach. The XSP basement provides over 250 cubic feet of storage. 

    Beside the entry door, a silver plaque on the left proudly proclaims “Bob Tiffin, Limited Edition, Since 1972.” The overall color scheme is called Great Smoky Mountains, which suggests mountains and water, but Bob’s love of the Southwest is also sprinkled in. Both power front seats are plush, Ultrafabrics® Tottori, with Bob’s signature embroidered on the seat back. Cabinets and color options are still specified by the customer.

    A rectangular silver plaque by the door proudly proclaims, “Bob Tiffin Limited Edition 001.”  The living area is a spacious 440 square feet with slides extended. Once again, the willingness to introduce new features led to Tiffin Motorhomes being only the second manufacturer to introduce slide rooms. A large, mirrored arrowhead accents the upper slide corners on the wood trim, a reference to the Native Americans of the western states. The pillows on the sofa follow that same theme. The sound bar above the TV has a silver trim enclosure with rounded edges, a Packard-inspired design element taken from their windshield. In the middle of the living space, the slide trim element above offers a mirrored almost oval shape with vertical lines. This design incorporates the lines of the classic Packard front grill and is used throughout the coach. When forced to choose, Bob admitted his favorite new element in this entire coach was this Packard grill. Bob also names his cars. Maggie and Mable, two of his extra special Packards, are represented as framed prints in the dining area. This coach is very personal. New Mexico is one of Bob’s favorite places to visit. This theme continues into the bedroom with pillows, arrowhead trim on the slide frame and a headboard created by leather cushioned squares hanging from straps across the back connect. This hanging design is also functional, giving quick access to the emergency exit door behind the bed.

    A Huge Announcement from FCCC and Entegra Coach

    FCCC and Entegra Coach unveil SL-powered 2025 Cornerstone

    Two leading names in the luxury Class A diesel market are teaming up on an impressive new product for the 2025 model year.

    Leaders from Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC) and Entegra Coach were on hand at the AIM “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere” rally in Florida to officially unveil the 2025 Cornerstone built on FCCC’s innovative SL chassis. The 2025 Cornerstone will bring an impressive number of standard features to the Cornerstone, strengthening its position as the quietest riding, best handling coach on the market.

    Powered by a Cummins 605HP engine including 1,950 lb.-ft. of torque and towing capacity of up to 20,000 lbs., the SL offers several FCCC innovations, including::

    • RoadWatch suite of safety features like Roll Stability, Traction Control, Collision Mitigation and Adaptive Cruise Control
    • Entegra Safe View dash featuring Optiview, providing a streamlined, modern design with incorporating FCCC’s exclusive 15-inch digital dash and a 15-inch center console
    • DriveTech ergonomic steering wheel and column-mounted controls, which eliminates the need to reach for every command and is the only driving system in the industry that
    • UltraSteer precision-tuned tag axle that reduces curb-to-curb turning radius by up to 17 percent
    • An independent front suspension for sharper turning and better handling, as well as V-Ride rear suspension for increased luxury amenity and cargo capacity while greatly reducing body roll
    • An industry-leading 5-year, 100,000-mile warranty backed by the most comprehensive service network around

    “Our team could not be more thrilled to expand our partnership with Entegra and Jayco through the introduction of the 2025 Cornerstone on an SL chassis,” said Jeremy Buckmeier, RV Product Manager for FCCC. “The SL provides the Cornerstone the ride and handling, stability and overall experience luxury RVers expect and deserve.”

    Inside, the 2025 Cornerstone will once again offer timeless features and residential touches across every detail. This includes premium leather Crown Compass furniture throughout, as well as heated, cooled and massaging driver and passenger seats and Firefly multiplex system with 10 in. VegaTouch touchscreen for complete integration of coach controls.

    The 2025 SL-powered Cornerstone is the latest addition to the partnership between Jayco, Entegra Coach and FCCC, which includes a growing family of Super C products built on FCCC’s S2RV platform.

    “As the only company to see triple-digit retail sales numbers in rolling 12 months through October, we want to further our success by offering the SL chassis from FCCC and its many features as an exciting new option for luxury RVers,” said Pat Carroll, Director of Product Development for Entegra Coach. “Being the single largest volume producer of Super C products on the FCCC S2RV chassis is testament to our great relationship with FCCC. Combining that with retail customers asking for rear-engine models on FCCC chassis inspired us to develop this version of the Cornerstone. We are looking forward to increasing our market share in the ‘X’ engine category, and with this new chassis offering – backed by the unparalleled service experience and Daimler heritage of FCCC – there is no doubt that we will.”

    The 2025 Cornerstone is expected to be ready for orders early this year. ​For more information on the SL chassis, as well as the full FCCC product lineup and its array of features, benefits and innovations, contact NIRVC today.

    2024’s Top Custom RV Accessories

    There’s plenty to be excited about in this list of top motorhome accessories!

    There’s a running joke that buying an RV is the easy part–the real work comes with actually packing it. RVers have no shortage of awesome gizmos, gadgets, and upgrades for their motorhomes. From fire safety to pet luxury, there are plenty of ways to customize the inside of your RV and significantly improve your quality of life while doing so!

    To that end, let’s take a look at some of our top accessories from 2024, starting with:


    Let’s face it–there never seems to be an IDEAL time for a tire to blow out. It doesn’t matter if you’re comfortably parked at a campsite or traveling through town: blowouts suck! That’s why more and more drivers are getting excited about RettroBand, an accessory that protects blowouts from damaging your tire rims while giving you an extra margin for error in replacing tires or driving to a garage.

    This product looks almost like a donut that sits inside the inner ring of a tire. In the event that a tire bursts–or otherwise loses air–the ring prevents the tire rim from making contact with the ground, preventing the damage from compounding any further. Given how expensive it can be to replace a bent tire rim or a damaged axle, this product pays for itself the moment that you experience your first flat.

    THIA by Proteng Fire Suppression

    When an RV accessory is also used to keep NASA spacecraft safe, you know that you’ve found an awesome upgrade. Proteng is an automatic fire suppression system that’s miles ahead of almost anything else on the market, both in how easy it is to use and how effectively it can prevent fire damage to your RV.

    PROTENG Fire Suppression

    What separates PROTENG from other fire suppression systems like extinguishers and sprinklers is that you don’t have to manually engage it–and there’s no risk of it going off accidentally! This system consists of several self-contained wires that snake through your RV’s interior, such as through the paneling and along the inside of the engine compartment. When these wires are heated by flames or other combustion, they immediately burst, dispensing a highly effective extinguishing agent all over the heat source.

    Internet On the Go Wi-Fi Extender

    Just like with blowouts, there’s never a good time to lose Wi-Fi or phone service in your vehicle. Whether you’re trying to navigate to a specific turn or about to crush level #226 in whatever candy-themed puzzle game has taken over your phone. There’s something to be said for having consistent Wi-Fi away from your RV as well–you never realize how much time you spend on one trip ducking back inside to check your phone until you no longer have to.

    There’s a reason that Internet On the Go has been such a popular solution for the Wi-Fi hungry over the last year. This Wi-Fi extender both solidifies your coverage inside your RV and extends it in a full 50-foot radius around the outside of it!

    AIM Club Membership

    Okay, so this one isn’t TECHNICALLY an accessory; you aren’t buying a physical product for your RV. Instead, think of an AIM Club membership as a key that opens up all sorts of exciting social aspects of owning an RV. Membership allows you to access all sorts of awesome nationwide events and meet similarly minded RVers in the process!

    AIM Club Membership

    In addition, an AIM Club membership also comes with a bunch of bonus perks, which include discounts on washes and engine services, along with better rates for vehicle insurance. Even if you’re the kind of anti-social RVer who dreads the thought of interacting with another person, this membership is still worth it because the benefits and discounts easily exceed the cost of signing up!

    Camco Rhino Blaster

    This sewer tank rinser goes a long way towards preventing harmful buildups in your RV’s different systems. While rinsing your sewer tank can be an easy job to forget, it’s important to do so frequently to make sure that the underbelly of your RV isn’t the breeding ground for all sorts of disgusting microbes. This product is awesome in making sure that your sewer systems stay clean. The direct jets allow it to effectively flush your sewer lines while a vacuum breaker makes sure that there isn’t any backflow. Best of all, it features a large, translucent bend so you know when your sewer line is finally clean!