Fleetwood RV: Manufacturer Spotlight

A luxury mobile home-away-from-home

For more than 65 years, Fleetwood RV has been one of the most popular RV brands on the highway. Designed to be both reliable vehicle and home sweet home-away-from-home, this trailblazer brand combines innovative construction techniques and premium materials with on-board tech that makes your life easier. The result? A luxury RV experience that’s always one step ahead of the competition.

Luxury RV Amenities 

Built to Outlast

Over the course of more than six decades, Fleetwood RV has evolved its approach to design and construction, resulting in one of the most reliable and long-lasting RVs on the market: exclusive chassis that provide smoother handling and increased storage; signature PowerLock™ sidewall-to-roof construction that ensures less wear and tear than other brands; and an endless list of additional innovative approaches, including Dryseal™ edge coating to prevent delamination, Solid Bead-Foam Engineered Fit Insulation™, and more.

Innovative Layouts

In 2023, Fleetwood introduced two brand new floor plans in their Frontier GTX that will raise the bar for all future luxury RV layouts:

  • the 39TA bucks tradition with an L-shaped galley, giving you a more spacious, open feel than other traditional RV layouts
  • the 37RT helps you put the “remote” in “remote work” by adding an actual isolated office space in the rear of the vehicle

Everything Your Group Outing Needs

Whether it’s your immediate family or a large group of your closest friends, Fleetwood RV gives you everything you need for the adventure ahead: plenty of places to sleep, sit, and shower; ample towing capacity and storage space to bring everything with you; and exterior entertainment centers (on select models) to host end-of-day movie nights under the stars. 

State-of-the-Art Materials & Construction

Fleetwood RV’s Two Exclusive Chassis 

Fleetwood Freedom Bridge®
(Diesel Only)

Fleetwood RV’s proprietary all-steel structure creates a true side-to-side, front-to-rear and belly-to-beltline bridging platform that pairs perfectly with the Freightliner XCM® chassis. They specifically design them for each Class A Diesel floor plan, improving reliability and handling and increasing basement storage. 

Browse our Fleetwood RV inventory that is built on the Fleetwood Freedom Bridge Chassis here

National Indoor RV Centers Fleetwood RV spotlight freedom bridge chassis

Fleetwood Power Platform®
(Gas Only)

For Fleetwood RV’s exclusive gas chassis, they take the Ford® drivetrain and create a solid platform to build on. The result is enhanced balance and control, as well as the strength to carry more weight. Additionally, the design allows for larger pass-through storage.

Check out our Fleetwood RV inventory that is built on the Fleetwood Power Platform Chassis here.

National Indoor RV Centers Fleetwood spotlight power platform chassis

Automatic Hydraulic Level System

Fleetwood RV’s four-point hydraulic system is more reliable than electric jacks and provides smooth and simple leveling at the push of a button.

NIRVC Fleetwood construction automatic hydraulic leveling system

Tuff Coat Fiberglass Walls 

Fleetwood RV’s UV and weather-resistant fiberglass skin is not adhered to wood substrate, meaning there is much less chance of delamination.

National Indoor RV Centers Fleetwood spotlight blog tuff coat fiberglass walls

Vacu-Bond™ Construction 

Fleetwood RV applies 415,000 pounds of vacuum pressure for 30 minutes to create some of the straightest, flattest and strongest walls on the market.

National Indoor RV Centers Fleetwood spotlight vacu-bond construction

TPO Engineered Vinyl Roofing 

Resilient & low-maintenance thermoplastic polyolefin or “Tuff-Ply” is flexible and easily conforms to the roofline radius with little to no stress at the awning rail connection seam.

National Indoor RV Centers Fleetwood RV spotlight TPO engineered vinyl roofing

Solid Bead-Foam Engineered Fit Insulation™

Using exact measurements, Fleetwood RV places bead-foam between every structural support to eliminate air holes and provide superior temperature and sound insulation.

National Indoor RV Centers Fleetwood RV spotlight solid bead foam engineered fit insulation

Tapered Slide Out Box Tops

By slightly pitching their slideout box rooflines, water is directed away from Fleetwood RVs, providing an additional level of moisture protection.


National Indoor RV Centers Fleetwood RV spotlight tapered slide out box tops

Seamless Metallic Slide Room Underbellies

Fleetwood RV covers their slideout bottoms with metal as an extra safeguard against the elements.

National Indoor RV Centers Fleetwood RV spotlight seamless metallic slide room underbellies

Full-Length Metallic A/C Ducting 

Fleetwood RV ditches the cut-out foam channels in favor of insulated ducting that runs the entire length of the RV, placing outlets in the most occupied places to assure cool comfort.

National Indoor RV Centers Fleetwood RV spotlight full-length ducting

Sure-Glide Flush Floor Aluminum Slide Transition Ramps

Fleetwood RV’s aluminum ramps are much more durable and reliable than the industry-standard pinewood, which absorb moisture, crack and rot.

National Indoor RV Centers Fleetwood RV spotlight sure glide

Fleetwood RV Models

Though the inventory changes often here at NIRVC, you can typically find these Class A Fleetwood RV models in a variety of floor plan options:

Class A Diesel

  • Discovery
  • Discovery LXE
  • Excursion
  • Frontier
  • Frontier GTX
  • Pace Arrow

Class A Gas

  • Bounder
  • Flair
  • Flex
  • Fortis
  • Southwind

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Fleetwood RV 2023 Frontier GTX

The 2023 Fleetwood Frontier GTX is Fleetwood RV‘s newest model. The 2023 Frontier GTX redefines what a Class A motorhome can be. With an option for a dedicated office in the 37RT, this motorhome allows you to work from the road in style and luxury. A WiFi Ranger Sky Pro 4 with LTE, 300-watt solar panel and cellular booster ensure you’ve got the connectivity needed to get the job done from anywhere.

Angie’s walkthrough of the 2023 Frontier GTX focuses on the 37RT floor plan but she also gives a brief tour of the 39TA floor plan.

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