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NIRVC Wins 2023 Winnebago Flying W Dealer Excellence Award

NIRVC Nashville and NIRVC Washington, D.C. have each been awarded the Flying W Dealer Excellence Award for 2023 by Winnebago! Each year, Winnebago recognizes select dealerships that excel in four key areas: Delivery Satisfaction, Warranty Repair Service Satisfaction, Lead Response Times and Business Growth. We couldn’t be prouder of our Nashville and Washington, D.C. locations for earning a distinction that only the top dealerships can. 

This award wouldn’t be possible without YOU, our customers! That’s because after every newly registered Winnebago RV, Winnebago surveys the new motorhome owner with a series of questions based on the criteria mentioned above. Each response is used to calculate a “Net Promoter Score” that is used to determine customer satisfaction with NIRVC. Your scores reflect our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. 

National Indoor RV Centers is proud to carry Winnebago, one of the most recognized brands in the industry.

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The Benefits of Being a Digital Wanderer

Digital nomads are popping up everywhere thanks to digital technologies making it possible to work from almost anywhere in the world. What’s a digital nomad, you ask? A digital nomad is a traveler who doesn’t have one set location. They are constantly moving from place to place, all while earning an income. This lifestyle has become increasingly popular as companies become more lenient with their remote work policies and more people leaving the traditional 9-5 office environment. 

Working from the road may seem glamorous and easy, but there are several factors to take into account to make it possible. 

The Benefits of Working from the Road vs At Home 

While your internet connection may be a little unstable as you move around, your mental health may be strengthened. One of the biggest benefits of working from the road is having the ability to earn a living in beautiful places. This means you can take a quick hike on your lunch break instead of venturing to the office community kitchen where Cheryl just heated up fish from the night before. 

Have Multiple Internet Sources 

Because having an internet connection is crucial for my job, I have utilized a company called Internet On the Go to help me stay online. This particular resource allows me to have 2 different internet sources and has saved me in a few sticky situations. 

For instance, their device called the Duo made by Pepwave is a smallish, heavy duty, metal cased router that, in my humble opinion, puts all other WiFi gadgets to shame. It comes pre-programed and pre-loaded with SIM cards for both Verizon and T-Mobile, with no tie in whatsoever to my existing cellular services.  This means I don’t have to worry about anything interfering with my current cellular plan, which I love.  The plan is a month-to-month giving me ultimate flexibility to turn service on and off as needed.  This coupled with the fact the monthly fee’s come with plenty of data, 300GB per SIM card for a total of 600GB of non-throttle-back data. I also use the app Outly at least once a week to make sure at least one of these providers will work in the area in which I will be camping. 

I usually get to my campsite early or the night before a meeting to ensure the connection is stable enough for video calls. If you aren’t able to find a stable connection with Starlink or a hotspot, an alternative option would be to work in a local coffee shop or coworking space.  

For redundancy purposes, I also utilize Starlink , which has changed the game for many people working and living full time on the road. It has opened up so many opportunities for working off the grid that weren’t available before. Starlink allowed me to work for an entire month from the beaches of Baja, Mexico, where I otherwise probably wouldn’t have had even a lick of cell service. 

The only downside to Starlink (for me, anyway) is that it uses battery power and must be set up and taken down each time you use it. I have AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries in my van, and I use a Jackery 1000 to power the Starlink. This allows it to run for quite a while, depending on what other devices the Jackery is powering. I also do not have my Starlink flat mounted, so it takes a bit to get it set up and running each time I want to use it. Thankfully, both of these annoyances have solutions: upgrading my battery system or converting my Starlink to a 12v system and flat mounting the Starlink to the roof. Both upgrades are coming soon! 

Find a Dedicated Workplace in the Van 

Finding a dedicated space to work in your RV or van is essential to establishing a routine. Just like going into an office, you should have a place in the van where you are able to set up shop with minimal distractions. The layout of my Winnebago Solis Pocket allows me to have a convenient table/desk setup at all times. This makes it easy to wake up and go right into the “office.” The outdoor table of the Pocket also provides an extra workspace for when the weather is nice. 

Plan Ahead 

Planning ahead for where you will be and what kind of service you will have in the location is important. I rely on the app iOverlander to find a spot to stay and always read the comments to see what type of cell signal other campers have had there. Once I find a spot, I check the Outly app to determine the connectivity strength in the area. Outly displays a map of each cell provider’s signal strength in the area. 

Establish a Routine 

Working on the road can be challenging, especially when you are in a different place each day and there are no coworkers around to keep you on task. Establishing a routine is important to help you stay productive and focused. Determine your daily schedule, take breaks, and make sure to prioritize your work tasks. It’s also essential to balance work and play, so make time to get out and explore or get exercise in between tasks. 

Be Flexible and Stay Organized 

Working on the road can be difficult with internet connections, different time zones, and dealing with unforeseen circumstances, so flexibility is essential. Balancing everything that comes with living on the road can be a little chaotic, so it is important to establish a system to ensure your work life stays organized. This means setting reminders, entering every detail into your calendar (including deadlines), and using project management tools like Asana or Trello. Having a flexible mindset and implementing methods to stay organized can help you navigate the challenges that come with being a digital nomad. 

Starting your life as a digital nomad requires a lot of planning, flexibility, organization, and self-discipline. Setting up reliable internet sources, having a backup plan, choosing the right location, establishing a routine, staying connected, and being flexible and organized are the keys to success. While it may take a bit more planning, working on the road is one of the most amazing experiences one can endure. It opens up so many opportunities for personal and professional growth, all while allowing you to see some of the most stunning places on earth. 

Merrisa Blog Bio

Having worked in the RV industry since 2017, Merrisa Petersen has been living and working on the road in her Winnebago Solis Pocket full-time since 2020. Her aim is to empower other women to seek adventure in order to instill confidence in their capabilities. Her travel companion is her dog, Jessa, and together they are committed to a sustainable lifestyle and leaving nature better than they found it. 

Class B RV Comparison

I have spent the majority of the last three years living in various Winnebago Class B & Class C vans. Being able to try out different vans for long periods of time brought me a wealth of insights into what I was looking for when I purchased a van of my own. I had the opportunity to live in each of these vans for various lengths of time, some for a few months, some for a year, and was able to compare and contrast their features, strengths, and weaknesses. In this post, I will share my experiences living in each of these vans and provide some tips for those who are considering a similar van life adventure.

The first van I lived in was the Winnebago Boldt KL, built on the 170 Mercedes Sprinter chassis. This van is designed for luxury and comfort while also having off-grid capabilities. One of the most important features of the Winnebago Boldt is the Pure 3 Lithium System by Volta. This advanced energy system is made up of three 48V lithium-ion batteries providing 12,800 watt hours of energy, a high-performance alternator, and a power management system that optimizes energy usage. The Boldt’s system capabilities allowed me to explore remote locations for days on end without worrying about my battery levels (why wasn’t Starlink around when I had this much power?!). The Boldt’s interior was homey, high-quality and functional, with a good sized kitchen and two twin beds that could be converted into a queen. The layout of the van worked great for my pup and I with separate beds and an open concept floor plan where we could open up the backdoors and have a straight view of the ocean while cooking dinner.  The dual-pane acrylic windows offered an extra layer of insulation as well as a good source of airflow.

What I didn’t love: not having a dedicated workspace.  I would have preferred the layout of the Boldt BL with a dedicated space to work, eat and extra seating for transporting friends. I also didn’t love the length. 170 Sprinters are fantastic if you need the space, but it felt a little too large for me as I’m a solo traveler and made it more difficult to navigate tight trails. 

National Indoor RV Centers blog Merrisa Class B Winnebago Boldt Idaho

Merrisa in Idaho with her Winnebago Boldt KL

The second van I lived in was the Winnebago Solis PX, built on the 159 Promaster chassis. I spent a year living in this van and enjoyed every minute of it. The layout was perfect, giving me a dedicated space to work and eat as well as a good sized kitchen, wet bath and full-size bed. I also had the luxury of being able to have friends stay with me without having to share my bed. The pop-top offered a second sleeping space all while giving them a cool “vanlife” experience. Not only did the pop-top provide an extra sleeping space, but it was also nice to have open for the extra airflow and natural lighting. The Solis PX offered an AGM battery system with a Cummins Onan 2800i gas generator. I loved the reliability of the generator as it ran off of my fuel tank. So as long as I had gas, I had power. I felt comfortable leaving my dog in the A/C with the generator on for a few hours without having to worry about running out of power.

National Indoor RV Centers blog Merrisa Class B Winnebago Solis salt flats

Merrisa in the Bonneville Salt Flats in northwestern Utah

However, the Solis was not ideal for off-road adventures, and it was challenging to navigate narrow roads and tight turns with the combination of length and 2WD. Overall, the Solis is an excellent choice for those who prioritize comfort and convenience over off-road capabilities. 

National Indoor RV Centers blog Merrisa Class B Winnebago Solis Red Rocks Amphitheater Morrison, CO

Merrisa at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO in her Winnebago Solis pop-top

The third “van” I lived in was the Winnebago EKKO, built on the AWD Ford Transit chassis and coming in at a little over twenty-three feet long. This RV was the largest rig that I have lived in and it was pure luxury having so much storage space. This versatile and rugged Class C motorhome is designed to take you off the beaten path and allow you to explore the great outdoors in comfort and style. The interior of the Winnebago EKKO is modern and stylish, with high-quality materials and finishes throughout. My favorite part is the genius European design of the pivoting bathroom wall to save space and keep the bathroom dry when not showering. There are two twin beds in the rear that convert into a queen and are the most comfortable van beds that I have ever slept on. The kitchen is fully equipped with a refrigerator, a freezer big enough for ice cream (!!), a microwave, cooktop, and a sink. 

The biggest benefit of the EKKO is its size. It is not much bigger than a van and you get an insane amount of storage; both interior and exterior. Another benefit is the fifty gallons of fresh water capacity. Water is always my biggest drawback when staying off-grid for long periods of time and with the EKKO, I was able to stay in the middle of the desert for weeks on end (of course, this will depend on personal water usage). 

One of the most surprising features of the Winnebago EKKO is its off-road capabilities. The all-wheel drive makes this vehicle built to handle some of the more challenging driving conditions and I definitely put it to the test with some of the gnarly off-road roads we went down. This was also the only vehicle that I have never gotten stuck in.

National Indoor RV Centers blog Merrisa Class B Winnebago Ekko boondocking

Merrisa having fun with her Winnebago EKKO

The fourth van I have lived in is the Winnebago Solis Pocket, built on the 136 Promaster chassis.  This is the van I ended up purchasing after spending time learning what I did and didn’t need in the other vans. The Solis Pocket is a great combination of most of the things I loved about the other vans. It has a dedicated work space, a second bed for friends, plenty of storage, a decent sized kitchen, and a full bed. I can’t take it off-roading per say, but the short length makes it easier to get to places that a longer van may have trouble accessing. I can also whip a u-turn without having to do a three point turn and that was important to me ;). After spending time in the other vans, I decided that a bathroom wasn’t as important to me as I once thought it was. This van is perfect for me as a solo traveler because of its size and surprising amount of storage.

National Indoor RV Centers blog Merrisa Class B Winnebago Pocket working

Merrisa working from her Winnebago Pocket

Living in these four different Winnebago Class B vans provided a wealth of insights into the vanlife lifestyle. Each had its unique strengths and weaknesses, and it was essential to consider my priorities and needs when choosing a van. Some essential considerations include the van’s size, storage space, fuel efficiency, off-road capabilities, and comfort features. If you are considering a vanlife adventure, take the time to research different van models and consider your priorities and needs carefully. With the right van, vanlife can be a rewarding and freeing experience.

But, living in a van isn’t just about the vehicle itself – it’s also about the lifestyle it enables. When you’re traveling in a van, you have the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. You can camp in remote locations, explore national parks, and get up close and personal with nature in a way that’s simply not possible when you’re staying in a hotel or traditional RV park. 

Merrisa Blog Bio

Having worked in the RV industry since 2017, Merrisa Petersen has been living and working on the road in her Winnebago Solis Pocket full-time since 2020. Her aim is to empower other women to seek adventure in order to instill confidence in their capabilities. Her travel companion is her dog, Jessa, and together they are committed to a sustainable lifestyle and leaving nature better than they found it.  

Winnebago RV’s Accessibility Enhanced (AE) Units

Winnebago Offers Accessibility Enhanced Class A and Class B RVs

The Winnebago brand has always been known for enabling its customers to live the life they want to live. Whether for grand outdoor adventures, daily commutes or weekend play, Winnebago offers an RV for everybody, innovating year after year and raising the bar for industry standards. 

Now, the company with more than 60 years of RV experience adds to its legacy by offering two unique Accessibility Enhanced (AE) vehicles: the easy-driving Winnebago Roam and the tactfully luxurious Winnebago Inspire.

Winnebago Roam, Class B RV

The Winnebago Roam is a Class B RV that offers conveniences for both daily driving and epic expeditions. Built on a Ram ProMaster® chassis, a 280-hp 3.6L V6 gas engine powers the Roam while 4-wheel ABS brakes safely bring it to a halt. The model comes in three floorplans, each at 19’9” in length and featuring a Braun UVL wheelchair lift with wireless remote for easy in/out access. 

National Indoor RV Centers blog Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced (AE) Units Class B motorhome Winnebago Roam

The Winnebago Roam is a Class B Accessibility Enhanced (AE) RV

Roam U59RAC floorplan

The entry level Roam, the U59RAC floorplan sleeps two (2) and features a motorized sofa bed, wet-bath, refrigerator, microwave and sink, facilitating full-time living on-the-go. Specially-designed storage, lowered countertops and pull-down cabinets offer access while seated, and integrated tie-downs offer a secure ride during travel. 

National Indoor RV Centers blog Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced (AE) motorhome Class B Roam rear interior

The Roam’s powered reclining sofa/bed sleeps two and leaves extra room for storage.

Roam U59RPT floorplan

The U59RPT builds upon the design of the U59RAC, expanding upon available space through its pop-top roof. This, along with the powered reclining sofa/bed, increase the sleeping accommodation to four (4) persons.

Roam U59RX floorplan

The all new RX is coming soon – and we can’t wait to see what it has to offer!

Winnebago Inspire, Class A RV

The Winnebago Inspire is a Class A RV that brings customized comfort to the [world] of luxury coach travel. Coming in at 35’9” in length, the Inspire rides on a Freightliner® XCS 26,000-lb. chassis, easily capable of supporting the impressive 340-hp Cummins® ISB 6.7L diesel engine.

National Indoor RV Centers blog Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced (AE) Units Class A Inspire motorhome

The 800-pound lifting capacity, coupled with powered swinging door, make entering and exiting the Class A coach simple, while a wall-mount and key-fob remote offer independent use. 

Independent passage into and out from the coach is simple thanks to an 800-lb. capacity platform wheelchair lift that features wall-mounted and key fob remote controls. Once inside, you’ll notice the spaciousness of the interior, facilitating everyday living. An extendable dinette offers convenient wheelchair access but retracts for added space when not in use. An enlarged hallway allows for easy movement throughout the coach and a larger bathroom with roll-in shower offers simple accessibility. 

All of the coach’s controls have been thoughtfully designed and carefully placed within reach, including system monitors, generator, light-switches and remote-controlled roof vents. As with all Winnebago diesel pushers, the Inspire comes with a 3-year/100,000 mile warranty. 

National Indoor RV Centers blog Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced (AE) Units Class A Inspire motorhome interior galley
National Indoor RV Centers blog Winnebago Accessibility Enhanced (AE) Units Class A Inspire motorhome interior bedroom

The interior of the Winnebago Inspire is enlarged to accommodate easy mobility.

Winnebago’s AE units add to an impressive and influential legacy. NIRVC is proud to work with the esteemed brand and have been recognized as a top Winnebago dealer. We currently offer the Roam camper van at our Las Vegas and Washington D.C. locations, with more coming elsewhere, soon. Be sure to check our current inventory for up-to-date listings.

2023 Winnebago Models

2023 Winnebago Models

For those interested in a 2023 Winnebago RV, NIRVC now has units at our dealerships ready to go! Customers can also contact us to order a specific unit.

Winnebago Models

Winnebago has been a decades-long industry leader for a reason. They’re a company that places explicit focus on customer satisfaction, continually testing out their own products and making modifications based on customer feedback. Winnebago also designs and manufactures roughly 75% of their RV components themselves. From holding tanks, doors, and most everything in between, you know that Winnebago has been engineered to maximize functionality and efficiency. It’s this attention to detail and customer-first approach that has made the name “Winnebago” synonymous with RVing for generations. 

That same attention to detail and customer-first approach has earned NIRVC Nashville and NIRVC Las Vegas the 2022 Winnebago Flying W Dealer Excellence Award

Winnebago Flying W Dealership Excellence award 2022

Winnebago RV Models

National Indoor RV Centers are honored to carry Class AClass B and Class C Winnebago RVs. Learn more about Winnebago’s 2023 models from our RV expert Angie Morell in the videos below.

For a more in-depth view on each of these models, visit the links below:

2023 Winnebago Adventurer

2023 Winnebago Adventurer

Winnebago themselves describe the Winnebago Adventurer as their “finest gas Class A coach.” This year’s model is a special one as 2023 celebrates the 30th anniversary of this tried and true product. To commemorate this momentous occasion, the 2023 Adventurer is filled with limited edition features and upgrades throughout the coach. 

Winnebago Adventurer RV Features

The Winnebago Adventurer sits on the 22,000 lb. Ford® F53 chassis and runs on a 7.3L V8 engine, commonly referred to as the “Godzilla engine!” A TorqShift™ 6-speed automatic transmission makes towing easy with the 5,000 lb. drawbar trailer hitch. And with 137 cubic feet of exterior storage, there’s room enough to pack all of your favorite things – and then some! Take a peek inside the time-tested Winnebago Adventurer and see for yourself the maximum function, graceful style and extreme comfort that this Class A coach continues to provide. 

2023 Winnebago Forza

2023 Winnebago Forza

The 2023 Winnebago Forza is one of the best-priced Class A diesel coaches. It sits atop a 27,910-lb. Freightliner® XCS chassis and utilizes Winnebago’s exclusive steel SuperStructure®. This SuperStructure is reinforced to the chassis, which offers considerable strength and an incredibly smooth ride.

Winnebago Class A RV

The Winnebago Forza is powered by a 340-hp Cummins® ISB 6.7L diesel engine. An Allison 6-speed automatic 2500 MH transmission facilitates 10,000 lbs. in towing capacity, so you can bring just about anything on your adventures. With two 15,000 BTU air conditioners and a 40,000 BTU ducted furnace,  you get maximum comfort in any weather condition. 

2023 Winnebago Revel

2023 Winnebago Revel

The 2023 Winnebago Revel is a rough and tough 4×4 Class B van that views roads as mere suggestions. Discover the Revel’s features, capabilities and optional upgrades that make this vehicle the perfect partner for off-grid living.

Winnebago Revel Features

Built on the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis, the Revel runs on a 3.0L, 6-cylinder, 188-hp turbo-diesel engine with 7G-Tronic automatic transmission and 220-amp alternator, putting 325 ft-lbs of torque through the on-demand 4WD system. The high/low range and hill descent mode provide added off-road capability.

Winnebago Revel Floor Plan

Add an adventure-ready floor plan equipped with a flexible galley, versatile wet bath/gear closet and a Power Lift bed, and you’ve got the perfect companion for an exciting day trip or an extended off-road adventure alike. 

Revel Class B Vans

Learn more about upfitting and custom ad-ons to Class B vans HERE. And have a look at our current inventory of Winnebago Class B RVs.

2023 Winnebago Ekko

The 2023 Winnebago Ekko combines the efficiency of a camper van with the space of a Class C motorhome. Built on a Ford® AWD Transit chassis, it’s powered by a 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 gas engine and 10-speed automatic Selectshift® transmission with overdrive. Four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes on stylized performance wheels ensure safe hauling with a 5,000-lb. drawbar trailer hitch. 

At 23′ in length, the Ekko is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate four people. The large living space offers a pull-up/fold down table and dinette seating with 3-point seat belts, perfect for relaxing or working.  Dedicated sleeping and cooking spaces offer form and functionality, while a spacious gear garage accommodates bicycles, inflatable watercraft, outdoor gear and more – making the Ekko the perfect motorhome for those seeking adventure.