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 RV Classes Explained

Curious about different RV classes? Let’s take a look!

Everybody gets something different out of the RVing lifestyle. Some people prefer low-tech evenings under the stars while others are happy to unwind by watching movies in a climate-controlled sanctuary. Adventures come in all shapes and sizes and as a result, motorhomes do too. 

Different RVers are also naturally going to have different needs, budgets, and considerations. To that end, let’s take a look at the three different motorhome classes so you can see which one is right for you! 

Class A RVs Let You Travel Like a Rockstar

No joke, Class A coaches let you travel like a celebrity. In fact, they’re the type of motorhome that celebrities tour in. If you’ve ever been to a stadium concert, you’ve likely seen a small village of these RVs parked right outside. 

There’s a reason why these are the preferred travel coach for rockstars and rappers alike: they’re big, luxurious and full of awesome features. You can expect a Class A RV to be between 25 and 50 feet in length, although some can be even longer! The sheer size of these motorhomes allows for fully-realized living spaces, meaning that it’s not uncommon to see full kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms separated by full walls and doors. 

Many Class A RVs also have the option for slide-out features, allowing RVers to pack even more space into their home away from home. Some of these slide-out areas can get pretty extravagant: movie theater seating and full dining tables are both common sites. 

As you might have guessed, driving around a miniature palace requires a lot of fuel, and you’ll start to see that in the gas bills. However, when you’re planning to live “full-time” in your motorhome, the Class A coach can’t be beat and the cost is well worth the luxurious payoff. 

Class B RVs Are Compact and Practical

Class B RVs can sometimes look closer to custom vans than they do to their monolithic Class A cousins. These motorhomes feature a compact interior that’s favored by campers and other adventurous travelers. Their smaller sizes and simpler features mean that these motorhomes are easier to set up and tear down—perfect for the RVer on the go.

One area where Class B RVs outclass their peers is in city driving. Navigating heavy traffic in a Class A or some Class C motorhomes can be more difficult, whereas these motorhomes are more adept at handling tight corners and responding to congested traffic. 

Being smaller doesn’t mean giving up the luxuries, however, and you might be surprised to see all of the features that can be neatly installed inside one. Many feature full kitchenettes and wet bathrooms, allowing you to bring the comforts of modern civilization into even the most remote campsites. Others are able to loft beds, allowing for full dining areas AND sleeping areas within a single compact van. 

Learn more about the pros and cons of Class B RVs here

Class C RVs Offer the Best of Both Worlds

Class C motorhomes is likely what you think of when you picture a “classic” RV. These motorhomes offer plenty of living space while still being relatively easy to drive. They’re also significantly more fuel efficient than their Class A motorhome counterparts — a benefit that starts to add up pretty quickly during cross-country trips! 

Class C RVs are built on a truck chassis, which provides a nice balance between the bus-esque body of a Class A coach and the van structure of a Class B motorhome. The extra weight capacity from the truck powertrain means greater options for mounting interior features, and that means there are plenty of luxurious layouts available. 

It’s not uncommon to see Class C RVs with full master bedrooms and fully enclosed bathrooms in addition to kitchens or lounge seating. They can also feature a loft above the driving cabin which allows for a clean and easy-to-navigate living space. 

Several Class C models are also solar-friendly, making them a great choice for campers who want to spend some time off the grid.

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