2025 Newmar New Aire RV Tour With Angie Morell

2025 Newmar New Aire 3543 Tour with Angie Morell

2025 Newmar New Aire 3547 Tour with Angie Morell


The 3539, 3543, 3547, and 3549 floor plans are still offered for the 2025 model year. There are no new floorplans.

2025 Newmar New Aire 3543 Gallery

2025 Newmar Ventana 3547 Gallery


  • For 2025, there are new cabinet colors including: Sable Maple, Sedona Maple, and Morel Maple. With Sable Maple being the standard woodgrain.
  • Additionally, there is a new painted cabinetry color available Summit.
  • These cabinet colors are available in either a High Gloss finish or new Suede finish. With Suede replacing the Matte finish from 2024.
  • There is a new option for Two-Tone Cabinetry. Dark Woodgrains, Sable and Sedona, will be used on the lower cabinets and throughout the coach (trim, fascia, feature ceilings, window treatments, passage doors, wardrobe doors, and pantry doors), with the Summit (White) Woodgrain to be used on upper cabinetry. Summit is the only option for the upper cabinetry.
  • Furniture and captain seats now feature real Italian Leather. *Valances, Fascia, Headboard, etc., will feature Ultraleather.


  • A temperature monitor for the water bay has been added to the silverleaf system.
  • The in dash Xite monitors will be housed under a single piece of glass. These will still be two separate monitors, but provide a sleeker, cleaner appearance.
  • New wire routing to clean up ATC lighting box. This is the KIB Lighting box commonly found in the shoe storage.


  • For 2025, the New Aire features four new exterior graphics: Sangria, Galaxy, Harbor, and Silver Birch.


  • A low-profile solid surface splash guard replaces the lit glass divider previously used on the 3549.


  • Hogan Sparrow will be the option replacing Linen Tweed for any special. Hogan Sparrow is standard on Sangria.


  • Blind Spot Detection has now been made optional for the 2025 New Aire.
  • There is a new option for Starlink Internet.

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2024 Newmar New Aire RV Tour with Angie Morell

The Newmar New Aire 3543, 3547 and 3549 floor plans are still offered for 2024. Additionally, the 3545 has been replaced with the 3539 floor plan.

Watch Angie’s tour of the 2024 Newmar New Aire 3539 and 3547.

New Aire 3539

  • The new 3539 model is a triple slide rear bedroom model, similar to the 3545 it replaces.
  • Like the 3545, the 3539 features a full wall slide on the door side with two additional slide-outs on the off-door side.
  • The new 3539 offers a 74” sofa on the door side across from a large buffet and a dinette with an angled television on a power lift on the rearward side of the buffet. This provides a better viewing angle and the ability to store the TV.
  • A large kitchen is located near the middle of the coach with plenty of counter space and a pantry next to the refrigerator.
  • The master bathroom is located mid-ship on the off-door side and provides a roomy vanity and large shower measuring 40” X 32”.
  • The master bedroom is located at the rear of the floor plan. It features a king-size bed, a dresser, two shirt wardrobes for additional storage and a TV. The main wardrobe spans the entire rear wall and can house an optional washer and dryer.

Chassis Features

  • On the optional Spartan chassis, the shock absorbers used will be Koni brand instead of Bilstein.
  • Improvements have been made to the key fob on the Spartan chassis, including reduced energy consumption while pressing the button, communications enhancements, better fob battery life as well as better indication of the battery life remaining in the key fob.

Electrical Features

  • The charging port in the dash area provides USB and USB-C connections.
  • A remote reset switch for the lithium battery system has been added in the overhead cabinet. This will allow the customer to reset the battery system from inside the coach. This should not be used in place of the battery disconnect.
  • The layout of the lighting controls on the SilverLeaf panel has been made more user-friendly.

Exterior Features

  • The New Aire has a new exterior graphic design in four color combinations.

Interior Features

  • The Marvella and Omni interior designs are being carried over for the 2024 floor plans.
  • The Berkley and Sparta designs offered previously have been replaced with Briarcliff and Pierson, respectively.

New Aire Option Changes

  • The optional Winegard Trav’ler satellite dish will provide an automatic stow feature. The dish will automatically stow whenever the parking brake is released.
  • The option for ottomans has been discontinued for the 2024 model year.
  • There is now an option to add a third lithium battery (960 total AHR).
  • The CSA option will include a Samsung brand microwave.
  • There will be an option for a universal remote (#J030) to control the television and sound bar.
  • Linen tweed awning fabric is available to coordinate with any earth tone paint colors chosen as specials (if desired).

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