RettroBand®: A Revolutionary Step For RV Safety

When behind the wheel of a motorhome, a tire blowout is a dangerous and scary situation. It can put the people and things you love at risk. At NIRVC, we are dedicated to helping keep you and your family safe. That’s where RettroBand® Wheel Enhancement comes in. With the safety coverage that RettroBand provides, you can drive your motorhome with peace of mind knowing you have protection should a tire blowout occur.

Brett Davis and Rob Craig, creators of RettroBand, aren’t just industry innovators, they put their money where their mouth is. To illustrate the dependability of their revolutionary tire blowout safeguard system, they put their own lives at risk and intentionally blew a tire on a brand new 2022 Entegra Cornerstone at 70 mph! Not only were the rim and vehicle kept from damage, but the RV hardly flinched as the tire blew! Watch the amazing video below.

RettroBand was designed in conjunction with an Australian military defense supplier, proving its worth beyond traditional civilian driving. Specifically designed for large coaches, RettroBand offers a built-in spare that is engineered to withstand being driven on for short distances. No longer does a blowout wreak havoc on your journey nor require costly replacement parts. Instead, the product instills confidence and security during what could otherwise be a disastrous situation.

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