Spartan RV Chassis Owners Training Academy

NIRVC is proud to host the Spartan RV Chassis Owners Training Academy! These multi-day events offer comprehensive training for chassis maintenance and upkeep, overall RV inspection and service, and more. 

Participants receive hands-on help with their RV, learning the nuances of chassis sub-systems such as electrical, air suspension and more. On top of the invaluable knowledge, these sessions offer a great opportunity to connect with fellow RVers!

Spartan RV Chassis are the basis of many Class A Entegra, Newmar and Jayco RVs. Your motorhome does NOT have to be purchased from NIRVC to take advantage of this fantastic program.

Topics include:

  • An overview of chassis maintenance and upkeep
  • A personal inspection of your coach with a qualified Spartan RV Chassis Technician
  • Personal, on-the-road drive time with a certified instructor including basic driver guidelines, hazard awareness and avoidance, as well as control and recovery and the driver’s role
  • Instruction on weighing your RV and adjusting tire pressures accordingly
  • How to access and purchase Spartan RV Chassis aftermarket parts and accessories
  • How to operate chassis air systems
  • Information on customer support and warranty information
  • Familiarity with chassis suspensions, chassis electrical systems
  • Chassis troubleshooting
  • Weighing of your coach and tire pressures set

    Upcoming Spartan RV Chassis Owners Training Academy Sessions at NIRVC:

    • October 3-5, 2023
      NIRVC – Dallas
    • November 7-9, 2023
      NIRVC – Atlanta
    • December 12-14, 2023
      NIRVC – Phoenix