An Investment Worth Protecting: The Importance of RV Storage

When giving your RV a break from road trips and weekend getaways, storing it in a safe, secure facility is essential. Not only does storing your RV indoors protect it from the elements, but it also helps safeguard its overall value. NIRVC offers plenty of convenient storage options at our Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Nashville locations.

Storing your vehicle — whether a class A, B, or C motorhome, towable, or boat — should be easy, convenient and safe. NIRVC offers concierge indoor storage and service at five of our locations:

Atlanta – (770) 979-4051

Dallas* – (469) 277-1330

Las Vegas – (702) 766-7770

Phoenix – (520) 442-2500

Nashville – (615) 527-8960

*At this time, our Dallas location is not storing boats or towables, only motorhomes.

Our Phoenix and Nashville locations are currently running a promotion for new customers! Store your RV, boat and/or towable for just $10/ft per month. Call or visit for more information.

The Benefits of Our Storage Facilities

In addition to the convenience of not maintaining your RV in the off-season, a good storage facility also provides you with the peace of mind that your RV is safe and being properly tended to. Here are a few key reasons to consider storing your vehicle with NIRVC.

  • Weather Protection: Our indoor storage facilities keep your RV safe from the elements. From bumper-to-bumper your RV is protected from the summer sun and the winter snow.
  • Convenience: NIRVC offers on-site repair services, dump stations, a detailing center, and free valet parking. 
  • Security: Your coach is a prized possession and deserves to be protected in every way. Our security system is state of the art.
  • Cost of Ownership: By storing your RV indoors, it will have retained more value when you’re ready to sell.

We’re Here to Serve You

While your vehicle is stored, we can perform warranty service and routine maintenance. We work with all manufacturer warranties and extended service plans. Collision repairs, as well as Paint & Body upkeep, are performed onsite in our body shops. We work with all insurance companies to make things easy on you, and your wallet. And to preserve your coach’s beauty and functionality, we provide external and/or internal washing and detailing, upon request.

To learn more about our indoor storage facilities, contact us today!