What to Look for When Considering RV Storage

Not all RV Storage Is Created Equal

There are plenty of benefits to storing an RV, especially if you plan on taking a break from the road for more than a few months. In addition to the convenience of not maintaining your RV in the off-season, a good storage facility also provides you with the peace of mind that your RV is safe and being properly tended to. 

However, the quality of service at a local RV storage facility can vary greatly. To that end, let’s look at the three biggest things to be mindful of when looking for a place to store your home-away-from-home. 

Let’s Get the Obvious Out of the Way: You Want Indoor Storage

Storing an RV can significantly decrease your cost of ownership during months of downtime. The winterization process can be a hassle, and an expensive one at that – especially if you have to do it more than once! Indoor storage keeps your RV safe, warm and dry and protects against damages to your battery, electronics and tires, to name a few.

First and foremost, make sure that your RV will be stored in an enclosed, covered space. Direct sunlight can be harmful to your roof, paint and tires when exposed for long enough. Additionally, confirm that storage space is waterproof to ensure that your RV is being kept in the best possible condition.

If you do decide to head out during the winter months, a good facility should prep the vehicle for you. Nobody wants to winterize for a quick Christmas trip, only to have to do it again upon returning! The convenience provided by a reputable storage facility is an invaluable service.


Security Matters

No matter what year or make your RV is, you wouldn’t store it by just parking it on the side of a city street. While that might sound like a no-brainer, plenty of RV storage facilities offer roughly the same amount of security as an abandoned gas station parking lot. That’s not a joke, either. Unscrupulous RV storage facilities might just rent some affordable city lots and park RVs there in hopes that a single chain link fence is enough to keep them safe. 

Your RV deserves better than that. As every RV has expensively engineered parts – and priceless personal memories – you’ll want to make sure that it’s kept under a watchful eye at all hours of the day. When talking to a potential RV storage location, make sure to ask about what security systems they have in place in order to protect their vehicles. 

A good RV storage solution will feature 24/7 video surveillance in a gated facility. Professional RV storage solutions will also subject employees to background checks and drug tests in order to ensure that they’re reputable. 

Fortunately, an RV storage facility that offers good security will likely offer high-quality services in other areas too. Security is one of the most common cost-cutting areas of unprofessional RV storage. This means that if a prospective storage facility protects your RV, they’ll likely be taking care of it in other ways as well, such as:

– Checking tire pressure / tire safety

– Charging batteries

– Filling fresh water tank

– On-site repair services


A Good Storage Location Is Able to Maintain Your RV, Not Just House It

Nothing throws a damper in road trip season like getting your motorhome out of storage only to find that it needs several costly repairs before it’s able to hit the road again. Systems can degrade over time if they’re not used or maintained properly, especially if you store your RV for multiple years at a time. 

To that end, you’ll want to make sure that your RV storage solution is committed to giving you a road-ready RV when you come to pick up your keys. Features like tire pressure checks, battery recharging, and freshwater tank refills go a long way in getting the season’s maiden voyage off to a smooth start.  

While you’re at it, ask about any additional convenience that your RV storage facility is able to provide. The best ones will feature dump stations, on-site repair and detailing. If you pick a good one, you can also look forward to valet service! 

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a commonality between these three things: you’ll want to make sure that whatever indoor RV storage facility you choose values your RV as much as you do. A good RV storage facility understands that every RV is unique – full of special memories and particular mechanical considerations. Picking a good RV storage facility isn’t just a matter of finding a place to park your motorhome, it’s making sure that it will be taken care of by people who are as excited about the open road as you are.

Happy travels!