Which Size Motorhome is Right for You?

Picking the right RV size is a vital first step towards exploring the open road! 

On the plus side: RVers in 2023 have a LOT of different models to be excited about.

On the downside: RVers in 2023 have a LOT of RV models to choose from when picking their dream ride. 

One of the biggest considerations when choosing a new RV is size. There’s no such thing as a single “perfect” motorhome. Rather, different motorhomes are best suited to varying types of RVers. 

After all, trekking solo into the wilderness with a giant Class A RV doesn’t seem like a good idea. Meanwhile, trying to fit several kids into the backseat of a compact Class B RV feels like a recipe for an exhausting trip. 

In addition to affecting how many people can fit inside (and how comfortable the ride is), choosing the right RV size can affect what gadgets, camping equipment and appliances can be brought along.

Let’s look at the strengths and considerations of different RV sizes! 

When Bigger = Better

Let’s face it: there are a ton of reasons to want a big RV. A bigger floorplan naturally means more room to rest, relax and roam about. It also means more spaces for gadgets and toys. RVers who want to kick back on a pull-out sofa and enjoy a movie on the big screen TV will find a bigger floor plan best meets their needs. There’s also a growing population of foodie RVers out there who consider a fully-furnished kitchen with a fully-stocked pantry to be a vital part of their adventures. 


A Class A RV or Super C RV are the best bets for drivers who place a premium on space. A Class A RV’s large, bus-like floorplan makes it perfect for larger travel parties, as many models can comfortably sleep at least eight people. 

Super C Class RVs can be even larger than their Class A cousins – it all depends. They too boast accommodating floor plans and plenty of room, especially when the model features a “pop-out” or expanding common area. 


When Traveling With a Family

There’s a general rule of thumb for family-focused RV trips that more space = more fun, especially if young children are coming along. Having enough room for kids to move about can mean the difference between a relaxing trip and an exhausting one. 

As noted above, Class A and Super C RVs are easily the roomiest RVs. That said, a regular Class C RV is often spacious enough to house an entire family for an extended trip—as long as you make sure to pack enough chargers! 


For Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Drivers who want to spend some time outside generally have different needs and priorities than those listed above. Although larger RVs can camp comfortably at commercial campsites, going off-road can be quite a challenge for larger vehicles. 


While Class B RVs might not be as spacious or glamorous as their larger Class A and Class C companions, they boast maneuverability that makes them valuable for exploring the outdoors. As an added bonus, a significant amount of RV camping gear is designed with Class B RVs in mind—making it easy to find the right equipment for whatever wilderness a trip will bring. 


For Life on the Road

Life on the road means countless things to countless drivers, so there’s no single perfect type of motorhome for RVers who want to transform their hobby into a lifestyle. Some drivers might prioritize the space and amenities that a larger RV provides, while others might gravitate more towards the adventures of a smaller motorhome. 


Understanding which RV is best suited for a life on the road means understanding what adventures the road has in store. At NIRVC, we will help you find the right RV for you. Find a location near you and give us a call