Which RV Class is Best for You?

Not all RVs are created equal. The perfect adventuring companion for one RVer might feel clunky or limited to another. A family that enjoys the practical coziness of a Class B RV might not get the same benefit out of riding in a roomy Class A RV—and vice versa!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a weekend warrior or a regular cross-country adventurer: the RV lifestyle has something to offer you. There’s a sense of freedom and authenticity that comes from seeing America (or the world beyond). By picking the right RV type, you can ensure your trip is off to the best possible start before you’ve even left your driveway.

Read to the end for a link to a downloadable NIRVC motorhome buyer’s guide with in-depth RVing 101 videos from NIRVC’s Angie Morell.

In the meantime, here’s the best RV class for you …

… If You Mainly Do Weekend Trips

You’ve got a lot of options to choose from for weekend trips! Which RV can depend on how much time you plan on spending inside once it’s parked at a campsite. RVers who want to spend time inside, watch some TV, and do some cooking will likely benefit from a Class C RV or Super C RV—both of which offer ample space to lounge around while remaining relatively easy to maneuver in and out of campsites.

Meanwhile, Class B RVs are perfect if your adventures are mostly happening outdoors. These compact RVs are often called camper vans or sleeper vans for a reason: they offer a reliable place to sleep and little else. While many provide indoor cooking spaces and bathrooms, they’re an incredibly affordable and practical option for drivers who are planning outdoor activities.

… If You’re Planning a Cross-Country Adventure

Making long-distance trips requires a combination of space and practicality. On the one hand, having enough room to stretch out and relax is vital for recharging after long distances on the road. On the other hand, larger RVs come with trickier considerations for driving and parking, and this can be a hassle if your trip includes mountain roads.

Class C RVs are the most reliable if you’re planning to go coast-to-coast. They offer enough amenities to maintain a comfortable life on the road while their truck chassis provides an accessible, maneuverable drive.

… If You Want to Live in Your RV Full-Time

This one can also vary, both on what the terms of your living condition are and what you’re planning to get out of life in an RV.

Life on the road full-time is possible in any size of RVs, but smaller ones can start to feel cramped, fast. A Class A RV means you’ll never have to worry about space, comfort, or features, but it does mean some parts of the country can be frustrating to drive through during the winter months. Meanwhile, a Super C RV might not offer as much space, but it more than makes up with extra flexibility and maneuverability.

… If You Want to Travel Like a Rockstar

This one is easy: pick a Class A RV. No other class of RV offers the same degree of luxury and amenities as these palaces-on-wheels. Each one is a comfortable, completely self-contained living situation, meaning you’ll never have to worry about feeling cramped, bored, or restless on the road.

… If You’re Traveling for Work

From indie musicians to nature photographers, Class B RVs remain the favorite for professionals on the go. While picking one means making a few compromises in sleeping space, they’re incredibly easy to get on (and off) the road, which can make a huge difference for a professional on-the-go.


Of course, no two RVers are exactly alike. Every person gets something different out of adventures on the road, which means a different type of vehicle best suits every person. That’s why there’s no substitute for taking the time to explore the ins and outs of your prospective RV to understand the unique advantages of your vehicle. There’s also no substitute for having an RV expert on your side when you’re shopping for one.

National Indoor RV Centers would love to be your go-to resource for all things recreational vehicles. Our staff of certified RV Lifestyle Specialists will work with you to find the best possible ride. We don’t just get people on the road, we keep them there with a full suite of RV maintenance, storage, and detailing services.

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