What’s in Entegra’s Luxury Line?

Entegra RV: 2023 Entegra Motorhomes

There’s a lot to love about Entegra RVs. Since Jayco acquired it in 2008, the brand has delivered top-line diesel models. Entegra RVs are some of the most luxurious and spacious Class A rides available–which is an incredibly competitive market to stand out in!

The latest generation of Entegra vehicles continues this tradition by offering spacious rides and plenty of attractive features. While there aren’t any massive changes from last year’s model line, most of Entegra’s RVs come with brand-new decor options that offer drivers an attractive way to rethink their driving experience. 


Let’s take a look!


The Entegra Cornerstone

Good news: the RV model that’s cultivated a reputation for being powerful and beautiful is, once again, powerful and beautiful. The newest entry in the Cornerstone family has the same luxurious design and open floor plan as its relatives while also featuring several all-new decor options and a greatly appreciated increase in legroom for the driver. 

New features such as adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation and blind-spot monitoring are all designed to bring focus solely on your destination from behind the industry’s largest windshield (120″).

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The Entegra Anthem

For a brand that continually one-ups itself, Entegra pulled out all the stops for the 2023 Anthem. With premium upgrades to furniture, power window awnings and dual roof-mounted two-stage patio awnings, this already top of the line coach now feels homier than ever. 

With 5 floor plans, 6 exterior designs and a number of optional upgrades, there’s something for everyone and no limit to your adventures.

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The Entegra Aspire

This vehicle enjoys the same upgrade to leather upholstered furniture as its siblings, although that’s far from the only reason to be excited about this quiet, comfortable RV. One of the new features that has RVers most excited is the Aspire’s new E-Z Street column drive. This uses an electrically powered steering system to combat driver fatigue and improve handling.

You’ll be able to tell the difference from the moment that you first feel your new Aspire effortlessly cutting through harsh highway winds. 

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The Entegra Reatta 

Since the very first Entegra Reatta drove off the assembly line, it’s been an RVer favorite for a reason: it’s one of the most comfortable and spacious class A RVs available on the market. Period. Expect plenty of that spacious splendor in the newest model line, which features all-new standard tech to deliver an intuitive, responsive and connected multimedia experience. 

Basically, you’ll never want to watch a movie in a theater again after watching it on the Reatta’s default Samsung’s 4K UHD Smart TV. 

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The Entegra Reatta XL

Superior quality, impressive functionality and exquisite detail make the Reatta XL an enticing choice for anyone. The 2023 model is all eclectic with no LP-requirements and comes with some of the best warranties in the industry. Combine that with integrated 360º camera on 12.3″ digital dash and tire pressure monitoring system and you’ve got a coach that’s hard to beat.

Did we mention the space? The XL is in its name for a reason. 

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