NIRVC’s RV Paint & Body Standards

Did you know at NIRVC, we do more RV collision and Paint & Body repair than anyone else in the country? As experts, we have set Paint & Body standards, so our work will be consistent across all of our locations. Our standards take into consideration four different factors: how far away from the coach we are standing, what kind of lighting we have, what angle are we looking at and what zones are we keying in on. 

Our multi-point inspection criteria ensures every motorhome leaving our facility meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations. 

We offer Full Paint & Body Service which means you have the convenience of having your work done on-site by technicians who know your coach and know you expect the work to be done right, on time and at a reasonable cost. 

RV Paint & Body/Collision Services Offered at NIRVC:  

    • Collision Repair and Restoration
    • Paint Cracking and Chipping Repair
    • Paint Oxidation and Fading Restoration 
    • Roof Damage Repair and Roof Sealant 
    • Ceramic Coating

We proudly offer Paint and Body at our Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Nashville and Phoenix locations. Contact us today to learn more!