NIRVC’s Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look at Midwest Automotive Designs

Join National Indoor RV Centers’ Angie Morell on her tour of the Midwest Automotive Designs factory! Manufactured since 2001, ever since the Sprinter was introduced, Midwest Automotive Designs enhances the legendary quality, performance, and safety engineering of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis. With chassis straight from Germany

Angie walks you through Midwest Automotive Designs’ extensive Class B build process. Through their in-house engineers, designers, and craftsmen – including their custom seating division and wood processing department they build an impressive camper van with luxury finishes. Angie even catches a sneak peek of new 2025 units being built.

Watch Angie’s walkthrough of the 2024 Midwest Automotive Designs Factory Tour below and browse our Midwest Automotive Designs inventory.