2023 Newmar Ventana

Floor Plans

The following 2022 Ventana models are still in the line-up for the 2023 model year:  3407, 3412, 3709, 3717, 4037, 4310, 4326, 4334, and 4369. 

The rear master bathroom on the Ventana 4369 is new in that it has been reversed side to side, so as to create more space around the foot of the bed when transitioning from the bedroom into the rear bath.

The Ventana 3426, and 4002 floor plans are no longer available for the new model year. 

Watch Angie’s walk through of the 2023 Newmar Ventana 4326 floor plan!

There are two new floor plans offered for the 2023 model year:

Newmar 2023 Ventana 4068:

  • The new Ventana 4068 is a new bath and a half model with a patio side dinette.
  • The front living area features a standard 87” side folding hide-a-bed sofa on the off-door side which sits across from a sleeper booth dinette with “televator” on the door-side.
  • Rear of the off-door side sofa is a refrigerator with a large pantry on the forward side and a large shelf storage area on the rearward side.  These two cabinets have decorative “feet” that gives the appearance of a piece of furniture.
  • Across from the refrigerator sits the large and functional galley with a pull out cabinet for even more counter space.
  • Mid-ship is a dedicated desk on the off-door side across from which is the half-bath.  There is an option to replace this work desk with a beverage center with wine cooler and stemware rack.
  • The bedroom features a king bed with two shirt wardrobes, dresser and TV across from the bed.
  • The master bathroom at the far rear of this floor plan, provides a 35” radius shower, commode, and vanity centered along the rear wall.  On each side of the vanity are two storage cabinets, one of which is a wardrobe with bi-fold doors and the other could accommodate (and is prepped for) the optional two piece washer and dryer.

Newmar 2023 Ventana 4328:

  • The Ventana 4328 is the same floor plan that has been offered in Dutch Star over the past several years, which has been a strong retail selling offering in Newmar’s best-selling brand.  It is a bath and a half, full wall slide with opposing front sofas and an angled galley.
  • The front living area provides an 87” side folding hide-a-bed sofa on the off-door side, with a 74” jackknife sofa on the door side.
  • The spacious angled kitchen and half bath are positioned on the door side, with the hide-a-leaf table with 4 chairs, refrigerator and huge pantry on the off-door side.
  • The master bedroom features a king bed, two shirt wardrobes with dresser and TV across from the foot of the bed.
  • The master bathroom is large, and offers a dual sink vanity, large wardrobe along the rear wall with room for an optional washer and dryer.  In addition, there is a 40” X 32” glass enclosed rectangular shower and commode.

Newmar 2023 Ventana 3407:

Newmar 2023 Ventana 3717:

Cabinets And Furniture

  • For 2023, the Ventana driver’s seat will have a vibrator to accommodate the standard Mobile Eye lane tracking and departure warning system.
  • The new 4068 model will be equipped with a desk and one folding chair.
  • This same 4068 model will feature “feet” on the pantry cabinets forward of and rearward of the refrigerator.
  • The appliance garage previously offered on this brand has been eliminated for the 2023 model year.
  • The medicine cabinets on the 4369 have been redesigned.

Chassis Features

  • The standard Freightliner and optional Spartan chassis will offer the Mobile Eye lane tracking and departure warning system as a standard feature.
  • The Comfort Drive comfort control has moved to the “favorites” button on the steering wheel on the Freightliner chassis.  Pressing the “favorites” button will bring up the Comfort Drive menu which can then be manipulated with the “up” and “down” arrows.
  • The Comfort Drive comfort control can now be adjusted by a toggle switch located behind the right side switch pod of the steering wheel on the Spartan chassis.  This allows the operator to control the efforts adjustment directly without searching through the menu on the glass dash.
  • The optional Spartan chassis features a new Valid digital dash.
  • A new nine function center switch pod has been added to the steering wheel on the Spartan chassis.
  • The tire size of the FCCC 34’ chassis increases to 305/70R 22.5.
  • The front axle rating on the FCCC 34’ chassis increases to 14,000 GAWR.
  • The front axle rating on the 37’ FCCC and Spartan chassis has been increased from 14,000 to 14,200 GAWR.
  • The Optiview dash display programming is new and features new graphics on the FCCC chassis.
  • A new “Intelligent” high / low beam system is standard on the FCCC and Spartan chassis for 2023.  On the FCCC chassis, this feature can only be disabled through the menu on the glass dash.

Electrical Features

  • The 2023 Ventana features a new app that connects to Bluetooth to allow the remote control of numerous features from a personal device.  The systems controlled include the following features:  Interior lights, HVAC, water pump and tank monitoring.
  • A new 10.1” central monitor panel will control the interior lighting and HVAC controls.  This new panel will be located in an exposed location near the middle of each floor plan.  The exact location will vary by floor plan.  This monitor will no longer be in an overhead cabinet.
  • The dash radio, cameras and monitors will power up from both the house and ignition systems.

Exterior Features

  • In response to customer requests for brighter headlights, new Silverstar ultra headlight bulbs are featured for high and low beam lighting.
  • New exterior graphic designs and colors are available on the 2023 Ventana.

Interior Features

  • There is one new décor available in the 2023 Ventana named “Remmy” and it replaces “Belmont”.  “Gotham” and “Colfax” are carry over interior designs.
  • A new ceiling vinyl color called “Parma” is used in Ventana for 2023. 

Plumbing and Bath Features

  • Electric gate valves are a new standard feature.
  • New plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and all bath areas.
  • A new sink is featured in the full bathroom.
  • A new glass under-mounted sink will be standard in half baths.
  • A new sink will be a highlight in the kitchen as well.
  • A 40” X 32” rectangular shower replaces the neo-angled shower previously offered in the 4569 floor plan.

Windows, Awnings, Vents and Doors

  • An egress window has been added to the off door side of the 4369 floor plan due to the secondary egress door in the rear bathroom switching sides.

Option Changes

  • On the 34’ models, the front axle on the optional Spartan chassis has been changes to 14,000 # GAWR.
  • On the 34’ models, the tire size on the optional Spartan chassis has been changed to 305.
  • A new “high gloss” cabinet finish is available on the optional cabinet finishes of the Ventana for 2023.
  • A new convertible dinette with chairs that face the window or convert to fore and aft seating (traditional) is now an available option.  This new optional dinette includes two fixed and two folding dinette chairs.
  • The exterior entertainment center on the new Ventana 4328 model will be located in the sidewall and includes a 32” TV.  Ventana 4328 coaches built with the CSA option will still have the optional exterior entertainment center located down in the exterior baggage compartment.
  • A new Wi-Fi Ranger “Everest” system (option J347) with “Aspen” WI-Fi router is the option for internet access for 2023.  This replaces the “Teton” system offered in 2022.
  • There is a new option for a beverage center with wine cooler and stemware rack on the new 4068 model.
  • The option for queen bed (K050) has been discontinued for 2023.  This feature, however, can be ordered as a special request.

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