2023 Newmar Essex RV Tour with Angie Morell

The Newmar Essex is all new for 2023. It features redesigned front and rear caps, as well as a redesigned dash. As in all cases that Newmar life cycles its products, there are a host of new and exciting changes, including new standard features and options, as well as many new interior design elements summarized under “interior features”. 

Floor Plans

The following 2022 Essex models are still in the line-up for the 2023 model year:  4551, 4569 and 4578. The 4533 model (replaced with the new 4521) is no longer being offered for the 2023 model year.

There are two new floor plans in the offering for the 2023 Newmar Essex.

Newmar 2023 Essex 4521

The Newmar Essex 4521 is a new full wall slide, bath and a half model with a patio side euro-booth dinette which replaces the 4533 offered in 2022.  The euro booth, in conjunction with the HWH slide mechanism, allowed Newmar to provide a door side dining area, but provide full height baggage doors and an optional exterior entertainment center up in the side wall under the patio awning.

  • The front living area of the 4521 provides an 84” hide-a-bed sofa on the off door side, across from a standard 74” jackknife sofa with “Televator” on the door side.
  • The kitchen is located on the off-door side just rear of the 84” sofa.
  • The euro-booth dinette with leaf and 2 folding chairs is located in the door side slide room just rear of the 74” sofa.
  • The half bath is located mid-coach, just across from the refrigerator and pantry.
  • The bedroom features a king bed, with dresser, overhead cabinet with window, and TV on the off-door side across from the foot of the bed.
  • The master bath area provides a two sink vanity, large wardrobe along the rear wall, as well as a separate washer and dryer cabinet and large 50” X 34” glass enclosed residential shower.

Newmar 2023 Essex 4595

  • The front living area of the 4595 provides an 87” side folding hide-a-bed sofa on the off door side, across from a standard 74” jackknife sofa with “Televator” on the door side.
  • Rear of the off-door side sofa is the hide-a-leaf dinette, and a refrigerator with a large pantry on the forward side and a storage cabinet with adjustable shelves rear of the refrigerator .  These two cabinets have decorative “feet” that gives the appearance of a piece of furniture.
  • Across from the refrigerator sits the large and functional galley.  Rear of the kitchen, is a stationary cabinet that extends the counter space even further and provides more storage below the counter and in the overhead cabinet above the counter.  This cabinet can accommodate an optional wine cooler and stemware cabinet overhead.
  • The bedroom provides a king bed, with dresser and drawers, and TV across from the foot of the bed.
  • The rear master bathroom features a large two sink vanity along the rear wall, cabinet that can house the standard washer and dryer, a large amount of wardrobe space and a 40” X 32” glass enclosed shower.

Appliances And Accessories

  • The dash HVAC system features rotary control knobs with setting information displayed on the dash monitor.  The monitor itself will only display the information and will not provide any touch screen control.  The HVAC system can only be controlled by the rotary knobs.
  • The kitchen appliances will be Bosch brand, except for the dishwasher.  The standard washer and dryer remain Whirlpool brand units.
  • Apple Car Play is a new feature on the standard dash radio.
  • Wi-Fi Ranger “Denali-Spruce” LTE wireless system is standard and replaces the “Teton” LTE unit provided in 2023.

Cabinets And Furniture

  • The bed base will feature a new design.  The corner columns previously offered have been eliminated and a new pattern and design has been added to the panels on the bed base.
  • New furniture and cabinet designs have been developed for:
    • All furniture.
    • The vanity base in the main bath area.
    • Cabinet door and door styles.
    • New dinette chairs.
    • New cabinet door and drawer hardware.
    • New slide out fascia.
    • A new feature ceiling.
    • New cabinet “feet”, as well as adding “feet” to the night stands in the bedroom.
    • Antique glass has been added to the doors on the base cabinet of the night stands.
    • New pocket door, swing door and wardrobe door styling.
    • The pocket doors will utilize a higher quality trolley system for smoother operation.
    • New styling for the headboard in the bedroom.
  • The Ginger Glazed Cherry wood finish is replaced by a new Sedona Glazed Maple finish.
  • For 2023, space is provided in the pantry for trays and bakeware.
  • Pull-out shoe storage drawers have been added in the rear wardrobe on select floor plans.
  • The rear bathroom cabinet layout has been modified on the Essex 4578 floor plan.
  • The euro-booth dinette is standard on the 4521 floor plan, and will be the only dining configuration available.  This change, in conjunction with the HWH slides used on Essex, allowed Newmar to provide full height baggage doors on the door side, even with the dinette facing out under the patio.  This is the first time that Newmar has provided this feature combination.
  • The foot rests have been eliminated from all sofas.
  • The center portion of the bedroom dresser has been modified to accommodate a larger egress window.
  • For 2023, the standard Essex passenger seat is the same width as the driver’s seat.  A wider passenger seat will still be available as an option on the order form.

Chassis Features

  • The 2023 Essex steering wheel is trimmed in black leather in lieu of burl wood finish as in past years.
  • The Comfort Drive comfort control can now be adjusted by a toggle switch located behind the right side switch pod of the steering wheel on the Spartan chassis.  This allows the operator to control the efforts adjustment directly without searching through the menu on the glass dash.
  • The standard Spartan chassis features a new Valid digital dash.
  • A new nine function center switch pod has been added to the steering wheel on the Spartan chassis.
  • The front axle on the 45’ Spartan chassis has been changed from a Reyco brand to Meritor.  Although this does not change the axle weight rating (still 20,000 # GAWR), this new axle does provide a shorter wheel cut and save some weight.
  • For 2023, the Essex can be tilted to the off door side by raising the passenger side.  This feature can be controlled by the Silverleaf panel in the water bay outside, so as to assist in draining and dumping the holding tanks.
  • Blind spot detection with 6 sensors has been added as a standard feature on Essex for 2023.
  • Electronically controlled proportioning drive and tag axle suspension has been added as a standard feature.   This will enable the owner to change the settings between two predefined values that will redistribute the coach weight from the front steering and rear tag axle onto the drive axle when the “trailer tow mode” is off.  Reversely, some weight can be shifted from the rear drive and tag axles onto the front steering axle when the “trailer tow mode” is turned on.  This feature provides improved weight distribution between these axles.

Electrical Features

  • A new standard feature has been added to Essex in 2023 for all electric with a Lithium Ion Battery System.  This standard feature includes two (2) Lithionics brand 320 amp hour battery packs, surge guard transfer switch, and an additional 3000 watt inverter.  Installation requires an enclosed battery compartment and will have sufficient room and provision for the dealer to add and plug in a 3rd battery pack of the same model for 50% more power if desired.
  • The dash radio, cameras and monitors will power up from both the house and ignition systems.
  • The Silver leaf monitor in the front overhead has been made larger at 10” in size.  Note that the monitor in the bedroom remains the same size.
  • The lighting control functionality on the Silverleaf system has been expanded and will include individual lighting controls similar to the KIB touch panels.  This applies to the control panels in the coach as well as on the My Rozie app.
  • The new side tilt dump mode controls have been added to the Silverleaf panel in the water works compartment.
  • A generator start & stop function has been added to the touchscreen in the water bay compartment.
  • A new style of vanity wall sconces will be featured in the bath areas of the 2023 Essex.

Exterior Features

  • The 2023 Essex features new front and rear caps, as well as a new wiper cover and “Essex” logo.
  • The center brake light on the newly designed rear cap is mounted higher so as to better see it over a tow vehicle.
  • The push button exterior baggage doors with power closing system (same as the King Aire in 2022) is a new standard feature on the 2023 Essex.  This eliminates all baggage door handles and creates a cleaner look up and down the side of this luxury motor home.
  • In response to customer requests for brighter headlights, new Silverstar ultra headlight bulbs are featured for high and low beam lighting.
  • New stainless steel exhaust tips for the generator and Oasis system replace the chrome versions used previously.

Interior Features

With the life cycle change of Essex for the 2023 model year, new interior designs include:

  • New flooring.
  • Wooden trim rings around the windows (bonded windows).
  • New backsplashes in the kitchen and bath areas.
  • New bedding style.
  • New countertop edge profile.
  • Two new decors called “Hepburn” and “Paragon”.  “Galena” and “Algonquin” are carried over interior packages from the 2022 model year.
  • New window treatments.
  • New shower tile and design.
  • New two tone dash, with upper portion in black and lower portion varying by décor selected.
  • A new storage pocket has been added to the new passenger console.
  • The 4551 and 4521 will offer new wardrobe layouts.
  • The lighted full bath mirror previously offered has been replaced with individual mirrors in front of each sink.  There will be a wall sconce between these two mirrors.
  • New sofa pillow styles will be offered.

Plumbing and Bath Features

  • Electric gate valves are a new standard feature.
  • New plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and all bath areas.
  • A new sink is featured in the full bathroom.
  • A new glass under-mounted sink will be standard in half baths.
  • A new sink will be a highlight in the kitchen as well.
  • A 40” X 32” rectangular shower replaces the neo-angled shower previously offered in the 4569 floor plan.

Construction Features

  • The 2023 Essex features new baggage doors with a formed inner skin.  This is the same door construction used in the King Aire.
  • The passenger seat pedestal has been moved slightly rearward so as to provide more clearance space between the seat and the dash when entering the coach.
  • On the new 4521 model with the patio side dinette, the slide mechanism has been changed to go straight in and out so as to provide full height baggage doors on the door side of this floor plan.
  • In conjunction with the life cycle change, a newly designed dash is featured in the Essex for 2023.
  • A new wireless phone charger for the driver and passenger is standard feature in the cockpit area.
  • The window framing has changed to square corners in lieu of radius corners.  In addition, the window framing will extend into the corners of the slide rooms.

Windows, Awnings, Vents and Doors

  • Bonded windows will be a standard feature throughout the 2023 Essex.  In the slide rooms, these will extend into the corners of the slide outs where applicable.
  • These windows have been added to the ends of the slide room on the 4521 Essex.
  • Armless Girard power window awnings are a new standard feature (needed with the new bonded windows.

Option Changes

  • Additional features have been added to the newly designed Villa brand theatre seat.  These include: An upgraded cup holder, built in control buttons for power recline, and a USB port.
  • There is an option for one ottoman.
  • A new option for a fireplace with desk and single chair is available on the 4551 Essex.
  • A new option for beverage center with wine cooler and stemware rack is available on the 4595 Essex.
  • A new wood trim table leg is included in the optional powered U-shaped dinette.
  • Because of the change made to the 4521 model to include a standard euro-booth dinette, this model will have an exterior entertainment option installed up in the sidewall (instead of down low in an exterior compartment).
  • A new convertible dinette with chairs that face the window or convert to fore and aft seating (traditional) is now an available option.  This new optional dinette includes two fixed and two folding dinette chairs.
  • A new Wi-Fi Ranger “Everest” system (option J347) with “Aspen” WI-Fi router is the option for internet access for 2023.  This replaces the “Teton” system offered in 2022.
  • The Toffee wood option has been replaces with a new gray tone wood option named “Driftwood”.
  • A new option for a 40” euro-booth dinette is available on the 4569 model.
  • A new options for wider passenger seat and/or a wider passenger seat with massage are available on the 2023 Essex.
  • The option for window with sliding door at the head of the bed is being discontinued with this life cycle change for Essex.
  • The CSA option will include a GE Advantium microwave instead of the new Bosch microwave (not CSA certified).

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