These Are 2021’s Top Motorhome Brands (and What They Offer!)

There’s never been a better time to shop for a new recreational vehicle. Over the last decade, there’s been a motorhome renaissance–features that used to be considered high-end and luxury are now bundled standard in many different models. In addition to the advent of countless new RV features like solar panel kits, customizable LED lighting, and advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (or TPMS), RVers also have plenty of options when choosing motorhome brands.

From Airstream RVs to Leisure Travel Vans to Thor Motor Coaches, there’s a lot to be excited about. To that end, let’s take a look at the four top motorhome brands for 2021, along with the features that make them unique!


Anyone who’s even incidentally familiar with the RV lifestyle won’t be surprised that Winnebago is one of the year’s top brands, for what feels like the 100th year in a row. Since its founding in 1958, Winnebago has been one of the most recognized brands of motorhomes for a reason–countless RV features that are now industry-standard have gotten their start in Winnebago motorhomes.

In recent years, Winnebago has focused on a push towards motorhome accessibility that’s quickly being replicated by the rest of the industry. A new lineup of accessibility-enhanced motorhomes is at the top of Winnebago’s roster, which includes the Winnebago Inspire, the Winnebago Roam, and the Winnebago Adventurer AE. Each of these RVs has undergone numerous redesigns to make its features more independently accessible and wheelchair friendly. This includes reworked floor plans, adjusted control placement, and a new system that uses wall-mounts and key-fob remote controls to allow wheelchair users to independently access the coach!


This Indiana RV manufacturer brags about having more than five decades of experience under their belts, and it shows in their 2021 motorhome roster! These RVs have cultivated a reputation for being accessible, practical, and easy to use, which makes them perfect for cross-country adventurers. Any experienced RV driver will tell you that the reliability of Coachmen RVs is no joke-they have a reputation for spending MUCH less time in the shop than other motorhome brands.

There are plenty of award winners among Coachmen’s 2021 lineup, especially in the Class A category. Of particular note is the Coachmen Encore, an absolute palace-on-wheels that comes fully loaded with amenities. The Coachmen Sportscoach SRS is another highlight, which offers drivers a chance to get behind the wheel of an incredibly spacious Class A motorhome for a lower price than some Class Bs from other brands.


The Newmar RV company can trace its heritage back to a 1693 Amish fellowship, and it’s hard to ignore the unique sense of craftsmanship that this brings to their RV lineup. Over the last decade, Newmar’s focus has pivoted entirely to Class A motorhomes, and this has translated to a luxury RV experience that feels unlike any other.

Of particular note in 2021 is the most recent generation of Newmar’s Aire lineup. Consisting of the King Aire, the London Aire, the Mountain Aire, and the New Aire, this stable of Class A luxury motorhomes is perfect for any RVers who want to travel, party, and–optionally–live like rockstars. The laundry list of features in each one can be daunting to read through, but there’s a persistent theme through them all: unbridled luxury and incredible attention to craft.


In 2018, Entegra expanded its lineup beyond diesel Class A coaches to include both gas-powered Class As and Class C motorhomes. The result is a quirky generation of Class Cs that feature aesthetics and design choices that feel more like cross-country Class As. This is awesome because it offers drivers a chance to experience some serious motorhome luxury without having to deal with the bulk–or price tag–of a larger class!

RVers who want to experience this sort of hybrid luxury firsthand should check out the Entegra Coach Odyssey, a robust Class C RV with an interior that feels so disproportionately spacious that it almost feels like it violates the laws of physics. Just remember that any time spent thinking about how Entegra managed to make such a roomy RV is time that could be spent instead enjoying that roomy RV!

While these four brands represent some of the most exciting vehicle lineups for 2021, they’re by no means the only ones to be excited about this year! If you’d like to explore the wider world of RV ownership, from Jayco to Forest River, then visit National Indoor RV Centers today!