Accounts - Frequently Asked Questions

It's likely you logged in before using a social media login (like Facebook). You can continue to log in with your social media login if you'd like - just click the relevant social media button on the login screen. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are all supported. Otherwise, you can register your e-mail address with a new password.

After registering your account, you need to verify that the e-mail you registered actually belongs to you by clicking the verification link that is sent to that e-mail address. This helps protect your account by preventing unwanted people from registering your e-mail address without you knowing.

The NIRVC website does not share any information from your NIRVC account with any social media platforms. When you log in with your social media account, the only information that NIRVC receives is your name and your e-mail address. The e-mail address is required to help us identify you and find your account.

Not a problem - just send an e-mail to NIRVC Support with details about your issue, and someone will get in touch to help resolve your issue.